Designs on Everything!

Client: Jamie Siler Design challenge: Design a logo for Fish Face Photos – a sole proprietor business displaying underwater photography. Jamie wanted a whimsical, colorful logo to use for his web site.

Client: Me! Vantage Point Creations was a sole proprietor business I owned and operated. Design challenge: Creating a compact, yet free flowing image with the face of an owl. The texture in the logo is from one of my ocean illustrations.

Client: The March of Dimes. Design challenge: Design a Coat of Arms logo, to be used on letterhead & envelope invitations for their annual dance…
the March of Dimes Golf Ball.

Client: Fawn Fitter, a freelance writer in San Francisco. Design Challenge: Create a logo that represented her nickname from college, F², in black & white to be printed in any color, on any color stock.

Client: Davida Kristy Design Challenge: design matching table placards to a corporate printed invitation and napkin set. Must match the font, image and silver stripe.

Client: (out of business) Design challenge: Create explanatory pages for the IA/GUI Style Guides. I was priviledged to work with a fun IA/GUI/Graphic Designer named Sylvia Park Ekecs and the rest of the design team. It was tedious work yet learned so much while having an absolute blast. Make sure your coworkers are talented and FUN!

Client: (out of business) Design challenge: Create several illustrative icons for the Decorate section to show specific styles of homes in different regions of the country. Two sizes were needed for various web page locations. All were linked to articles about those specific styles.

Client: (out of business) Design challenge: “we want a zany ad campaign for Realtors in a specific size with links to Realtor® contacts.” The “CLICK HERE” links above don’t work since the company no longer exists.

Client: Subsequently and Furthermore (Chris Adamson)  Design challenge: This “interior” graphic icon was for Chris, who created Road Tip app for iOS4.0. It has not been continued for newer iOS updates, however Chris now works for Apple!

Client: Brad Berens, Futurist Design challenge: Create 2 fictitious bank logos for an upcoming, internal PowerPoint presentation. Along with mockups of how the banks would look on a web page. Lastly,  a mockup of how a “Save NTSB” page on Facebook might look:
(keep in mind this was MANY design stages ago for Facebook)


Client: Welby Way Elementary in West Hills, CA Design Challenge: Make a wave with one line and one color, and matching font, to be printed on a blue beach towel keepsake for the culmination pool party. Tiny budget, simple solution.