Commissioned Works

Tall ShipClient: Monica Norton Illustration challenge: Paint a tall sailing ship as a surprise gift for a friend’s boyfriend. They are now a happily married couple with two beautiful boys. I like to think my painting had something to do with plotting their course toward favorable winds.

Forever Young Graduation Commission
Client: Jackie Howard Design/Illustration Challenge: Create one 18″ x 20″ image, to be framed, that encompasses 18 years of her sons life and memories, to be presented as a high school graduation gift. The illustration would fit in an existing frame, handed down through the family.

Gizmo Gadget & Sprocket
Client: Patt Wagner Illustration Challenge: Create a painting of her three pets, Gizmo, Gadget & Sprocket. Rather than individual portraits, we decided on a triptik on a deep edged canvas. Her style is bold, so the black canvas and bright backgrounds fit right in with her home design and personal tastes. Our pets are often important family members, adding years of joy to our homes.

Mendicino Coast
Client: Cynthia Hoffman Illustration Challenge: Commission was to create a painting of the Mendicino coastline with the exact spot where wonderful memories were created, that photos just could not capture. It was an honor to present it to the happy couple. May they live long and love well.

Eldest Godsons
Client: Elizabeth G. Johnston Illustration challenge: Sketch our first two Godsons, when they were younger. Here’s my handsome boys who not only look out for each other and their mother, but their two youngest twin brothers also! Now happily in college and taking on the world.