I was honored to paint images of a few places related to the decades of conservation work by Jerome C. Daniel. These paintings were displayed and presented to him at a congratulatory celebration held at the King Gillette Ranch. At the same event the renaming of the Hollywood Bowl Overlook, in his honor, was announced.

Mr. Daniel has served 3, 3 year terms, as Chairman of the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy (SMMC) in the 34 years he has been with the Conservancy. He has been on the Board of the Mountains Recreation Conservation Association (MRCA) since 1995. He currently serves as Vice Chairman of both the SMMC and the MRCA. He was on the Board of Directors of Tree People for 26 years and is one of several Chairman Emeriti of the Federation of Hillside and Canyon Associations. He also has worked on several committees connected to the 1984 Olympics.

It was an honor to create these images in honor of his service to Los Angeles and it’s natural wonders. These paintings now hang in their home.