“Create Everywhere” isn’t just a catch phrase, it’s what I try to do. I’ve been pleased to have opportunities to put my designs on everything from… logos to letterheads, business cards, table place cards, style guides, web site illustrations, iPhone icons, culmination beach towels and more! Always while working within very limited client budgets. Here are a few examples:

Fish Face Photos was a small business that a client/friend started. He wanted a whimsical logo.

Vantage Point Creations, a freelance art business I ran for 4 years. Artists have a certain vantage point the most business people do not. Creating a compact, yet free flowing image with the face of an owl was the goal here.

The March of Dimes Golf Ball. This was such a fun project for a Coat of Arms logo, letterhead & envelope commission. The client was really pleased with this.

I have a wonderful, creative, freelance writer client by the name of Fawn Fitter. She requested a logo that represented her nickname from college, F2.
She requested black and white so that it can be printed in any color
or on any color stock.

It’s Bat/Bar Mitzvah time. Also time to panic, because the invitation site did not do place cards! No worries, call me and we have matching place cards.

While working at Homestore.com I was priviledged to work with a fun IA/GUI/Graphic Designer named Sylvia. We worked on the Style Guide for Homestore.com with the rest of the design team. I learned so much while having an absolute blast. I’m happy to meet with you and show you a digital or print version.
Sadly, Homestore.com is no more. Replacing it is Move.com

Also while at Homestore.com, I created many illustrations for the Decorate section. These were examples of different styles of homes in different regions of the country.
I created large and small versions for different sections on the site.

And at Homestore I had fun creating a zany ad campaign for Realtors.
The “CLICK HERE” links above don’t work since the company no longer exists.

Having app developer friends is FANTASTIC!  This “interior” graphic icon was for a client who created  Road Tip for iOS4.0. It has not been continued for newer iOS updates.

A client who traveled the globe, speaking at tech conferences, wanted some fictitious bank logos for an upcoming, internal presentation. So we worked out a few examples. Here is one bank logo and the other one is next…

Here are some mockups of how the banks would look online.
First, PNB’s member sign on page:
 NTSB’s member sign on page:
 And a mockup of how a “Save NTSB” page on Facebook might look:
(keep in mind this was MANY design stages ago for Facebook)

And now for something COMPLETELY different, an elementary school culmination towel design! TINY budget. And yes, I create everywhere!