Summer Searches

I’m spending the summer looking for a permanent line of work. One that will connect me with well educated, interesting, yes even INSPIRING people to collaborate with. Effective design can change, brighten and enliven even the most boring of subjects. Yes, I once did page layouts for a sock catalog. That was in the amazingly distant past. And while it’s extremely challenging to liven a sock catalog up, I managed, with color combinations still within the corporate style guide.

This year, I have applied for two museum design positions. No interviews yet. I have trained on new software that many museums use. I did a quick flight up to San Jose and attended the WITI (Women in Technology) work fair. Resume’s being shared with various persons and companies from there. No interviews yet. And so I continue to refine my sketching skills, software skills and organization/networking skills. The funny part being, I have adjusted to three very different mediums of design work as well as working within the freelance world, with just a relatively short ramp up period in each. I’ve no doubt that I can do the same again. The next opportunity for me requires open minds and a personal connection.

I have also cleared background checks from when my brother applied for an internship at NASA (he’s retired now) and when I applied to be an After School Art Enrichment Instructor. So no problems there – pre-screened for the potential employers.

Meanwhile, I have developed various fundraising, organizational and supervisory skills while raising our child and running our estate. Bingo. There you go. I took a “break” after being laid off in a “corporate restructuring” (the company went under and several bosses went to jail). That break included freelance graphic work. And yet now, after working through not one, but two re-launching companies that help place “return to work” personnel… I have accomplished 1 information interview last year. The main result of that information interview was, I apparently convinced the person I was meeting with, that they could do better elsewhere. Isn’t life interesting? One of the reasons I stay so optimistic. You just never can guess what will happen around the corner.

So my creative public readers… I am open to learning about grants for experienced graphic designers returning to work. I need to get some income to fuel this continued search. Please let me know what you are aware of. And thank you for reading my blog and for any insight you can offer.

Never forget, we can “create everywhere”.

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