As I get supplies for our teen to use in creating a costume, I realize the need to see the movie The Phantom Thread. Recognizing that no matter how beautifully the costume turns out, it would just be a pile of fabric without the creativity of the mind that conceived it. Does she realize that as she designs and sews, adjusts, enlists team members, buys pieces and adjusts again?

And that brings me to the correlation of creativity, to intelligence and eventually endurance through troubling times. In a word, resilience.

What is it about the creative mind that helps the person envision things differently? Gives them the wherewithal to see the dark and envision pinpoints of light that burst into a gloriously new and different event entirely?

Is this intelligence what makes the creative reject the darkness at first, until they realize that until they embrace the dark, they have not the contrast to create against?

What pieces of hidden thoughts, mementos or memories will be woven into the future they create? Often to go unnoticed, yet still very much a part of that reality.

We will cut, we will sew, and we shall see.


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