It’s never too late to re-invent yourself. I’ve had two wonderful corporate careers, two freelance careers and a lot of volunteer experience ranging from after school art enrichment to fundraising for education. Now it’s time for me to try something new again. Some people think new is unknown and scary. I think new is exciting! You never know what good things lie ahead.

For example, I could never have dreamed of being in broadcast design when I was studying print production and graphic design advertising. I went from designing sock catalogs to working in the world’s first cable news station! While doing that and training others too, I had a wonderful career. With a change of coasts I decided it was time to try web design. The “.com world” took a downturn and changed my course. I launched into starting a family and the freelance world!

Now it’s time to get back out into the larger world of corporate design again. I can’t wait to see what’s next. As usual, it’s not good to go it alone. So for anyone else who is trying to re-launch, I have two good companies to recommend. On the east coast and expanding is iRelaunch. And on the west coast and expanding is Connect, Work, Thrive. I’m excited to have networked with both companies and they are very helpful. So stay tuned for lots of good things to come!

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