Book Illustrations

One of my favorite projects was working with an author to design custom book cover illustrations. A fun aspect of the project was getting inside the author’s head to “see” her vision and illustrate the book covers of a Fantasy Adventure Trilogy for The first book, Dragon’s Gift was published in 2010 and has sold well. So the next two books are now available!
Book One of the Gilded Serpents Trilogy is a thrilling tale of intrigue and adventure, complete with faeries, demons, mystical pendants and dragons. Book two, Magic’s Price continues the adventures of Princess Kwyleeana and her entourage as they battle a dark secret. Book three, War’s Toll is the final thrilling tale of an evil brother, wars and a magic pendant. Get yours now.

This was a really fun collaboration of two very creative minds. In keeping with my Create Everywhere theme, I particularly enjoy doing this kind of project because books are mobile and are carried out into various places where people gather, taking my art everywhere!

* Cover Illustration only, provided by artbyKSD. Typography was provided by the publisher.

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